Let us have our fill of costly wine and perfumes,
and let no springtime blossom pass us by;
let us crown ourselves with rosebuds ere they wither.
Let no meadow be free from our wantonness;
everywhere let us leave tokens of our rejoicing,
for this our portion is, and this our lot.
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Fragrances and smells are perfect on their own but let their light fully shine when paired with other creative forms. From painting to acting, from music to food and wine, from yoga to meditation: there are no boundaries to their use and each time it's an enrichment. At Campomarzio70 we appreciate and nurture their proverbial flexibility and since our very beginning we are committed to promote cross partnerships with companies, artists, writers and training services. With filling in this form you can suggest a collaboration or request further information. Let's spread the Essential Culture together!

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