A perfume, some combination of roses
and oranges and limes andmusk, hovered
in the air like a mist, a haze. So there she
lay, propped up by layers of lace-edged
pillows, her eyes liquid with life, with
kindness, with malice
Truman Capote


We are healthy purveyors of Essential Culture.
Essential because it is necessary. Essential because it goes to the heart of all things. Essential because it is free from any superfluous elements. Essential because it is... perfumed. With Campomarzio70 Distribution we bring essential culture to retail professionals and devotees of artistic perfumery.

We choose the best retail outlets in the Italian and international markets as our partners, both perfumeries and concept and fashion stores. We entrust them with the most influential brands in the market with a view to creating a lasting and profitable partnership for both parties. Our aim is twofold: to preserve the exclusivity of the brand and to look after our dealers, giving them the greatest possible support.