“Who are you? He asked. “My name is Happiness.
The upper part of my body is made of camphor, the middle of amber, the lower of musk.
I was kneaded in the waters of life. God told me to be, and I was.”
Eliot Weinberger

In a few words

The story of Campomarzio70 is a tale of passion. A shared passion that has been handed down from father to son for four generations. A passion born in the golden age of artistic perfumery, the 1920s, which has carried on growing right up to the present day, fuelled by a single aim: to discover and present creations with the power to convey real emotions. This is why Campomarzio70 focuses on artists driven by the desire to communicate their own vision of the world in the perfumes they create, knowing that these will evoke different images, memories and experiences in each person who wears them.

Thanks to ceaseless research and an innate sensitivity towards the most beautiful fragrances and the most exclusive cosmetic products, Campomarzio70 is a point of reference not only for people who love perfumes, but also for people who create them.